5 Healthy food hacks to follow while travelling

5 Healthy food hacks to follow while travelling

Plan your holiday to get away from the stress-free world for some time. It is essential for everyone to make a holiday trip. Everyone has different ideas for planning the vacation. Mostly, everyone would like to try all kinds of foods and snacks on the way to the destinations. Eat healthy food is also important to have blissful holiday vacation. Here are some healthy foods and snacks for you to take while travel.

General Tips for your travel plan

  • Make your trip effortless don’t carry more luggage on your trip.
  • Take your heavy clothes like a sweatshirt, jacket, and trousers, to wear in extreme weather conditions. Wear lite weighted clothes while travelling in sunny places.
  • Don’t forget to make your stomach lite.
  • Use clean toilets.
  • Wash your hands cleanly.
  • Take basic first aid ailments with you. Like antibiotic creams to avoid infection, Paracetamol tablets.
  • Be aware of what kind of foods you take over through the vacation.


  • Fresh and healthy fresh fruit juices are a sure shot way of getting a concentrated boost of energy.
  • To avoid dehydration and maintain energy level have mineral, vitamins contain fresh drink like electrolytes.
  • Avoid having juice from the friendly roadside vendor. Have some packaged or drink fresh juice in hygiene hotel or better take butter milk with you to keep hydrate and maintain the hygiene to escape from the bad bacteria.
  • If you are travelling to cold weather destinations. Avoid cold drinks much. Prefer some hot coffee or tea to keep away from cold, fever like that of common illness.

Homemade chips for Snackers

  • Chips are the best part of vacation snacks. No one feels to lose this to have while travelling.
  • Chips which you are picked from the roadside vendor’s or market is may be less hygienic. So prepare homemade banana chips. Easy and simple process to make.
  • Store your snack in aluminium foil or container to keep it fresh for longer.
  • Raw banana chips 100 grams contain 400 calories and 2.3 grams of protein. But don’t eat much this mouth-watering snack. Because its deep fried dish makes your stomach upset in some cases.

Milk and water

  • The basic tips should give while travelling for you is to stay hydrate.
  • Contaminated water is the main reason for all health issues for travellers. Drink  bottled water to avoid health problems.
  • Having a glass of milk will give vitamins, iron and calcium in your body. Gives energy for a long time and contains more nutrients.

Solid Foods for hunger

  • Clean your hands before going to eat
  • Eat boiled foods rather than oil or fried food while travelling. Boiled food like idly, uthappam, idiyappam
  • Boiled peanuts (100 grams=138 calories) gives energy and protein
  • Vegetables  like carrots, broccoli
  • Milk butter with bread
  • Homemade fruit or vegetable salad
  • Chocolates, cookies are not spoiled for a long time.
  • Dry fruits and fresh fruits
  • Take a fistful of Almonds, peanuts, cashew together with wheat flakes, corn flakes, lemon juice and local spices. Dry fruits can give more calories and an essential food without oil while travelling
  • Fresh fruits like apple, banana, and orange
  • Prefer clean hotels and restaurants
  • Prefer vegetarian foods which will be easily digestible and maintain your immune system easily.
  • Avoid Non vegetarian foods like as much as you can. Because it takes more digestion capacity. In case you travel to the cold weather places. It makes trouble to your stomach.

Try to follow these simple tips to make your holiday more enjoyable.

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