9 Rahu Ketu (ராகு கேது) Dhosa Parikara Sthalam In Tamilnadu | 9 Navagraha Temple In Chennai

9 Rahu Ketu (ராகு கேது) Dhosa Parikara Sthalam In Tamilnadu | 9 Navagraha Temple In Chennai

  • Rahu Ketu (ராகு கேது) dhosam make more problems in a persons’ life. Rahu and Ketu are one of them among the nine planets (navagraham) in Vedic astrology Rahu is in the north lunar node, it has only the head of the asura and Ketu is in the south lunar node, it has rest of the body. Rahu Ketu faced opposite side in Vedic astrology.
  • Rahu Ketu dhosam would occur when the planetary position of Rahu and Ketu is changed like When Moon moves from South to North in its orbit and crosses Sun’s path is called Rahu and When Moon transits towards South and crosses the Sun’s path is called Ketu.
  • The impact of Rahu Ketu dhosam (ராகு கேது தோஷம்) is delaying the marriage of the person. So boy or girl would find the match of the same horoscope with Rahu Ketu dhosam to avoid serious effects.
  • We have to do some parikaram (பரிகாரம்) to clear the Rahu Ketu dhosam by going auspicious temple like Thirupampuram, Thirunageswaram. Here are the ways to reach 9 auspicious parikara sthalam to clear Rahu Ketu dhosam.

Sooriyanar kovil(சூரியனார் கோவில்)


Vaitheswaran kovil(வைதீஸ்வரன் கோவில்)





Keezha perumpallam(கீழ பெரும்பள்ளம்)

Sooriyanar kovil (sun god)

  • Sooriyanar kovil is located in Kumbakonam 3km away from aduthurai. This sthalam is famous for doing Rahu Ketu parikaram because it is believed that this sooriyanar kovil prevent the eye damage, heart problems due to Rahu Ketu dhosam.
  • Contact number for Devasthanam: 0435-2472349

Nearby visiting places

  • Kumbakonam : Sooriyanar kovil 15km away from Kumbakonam
  • Aduthurai : Sooriyanar kovil is 3km away from aduthurai
  • Kuthalam : Sooriyanar kovil 14km away from kuthalam

Thingalur (moon god)

  • Thingalur sthalam has dedicated god of Shiva. It is situated in 37km away from Kumbakonam. Poojas will happen during full moon days and the benefits of the poojas are the nerve problem, relationship problem, job problem, stress, sorrow to be solved.
  • Contact number for Devasthanam: 04362-262499

Nearby visiting places

  • Thiruvaiyaru : Thiruvaiyaru is 4km away from thingalur
  • Swamimalai : 34 km away from thingalur
  • Kumbakonam : 43 km away from thingalur

Vaitheswaran kovil (mars god)

  • Vaitheswaran kovil is one of the popular parikara sthalams. The motive to do poojas and parikarams in this temple is the holy water tank (theertham) which removes all our illness. This sthalam is for mars (chevvai).the person who has chevvai dhosam has come to do parikaram to remove marriage problems, childbirth problems and husband and wife relationship problem.
  • Contact number for Devasthanam: 04364-256424

Nearby visiting places

  • Mayiladuthurai : Mayiladuthurai 14km away from vaitheswaran kovil
  • Sirkazhi : Sirkazhi 6km away from vaitheswaran kovil

Thiruvenkadu (mercury god)

  • This sthalam is dedicated for budhan or mercury god, he is the response to wisdom, study, arts, music and education. So the people who felt to improve their education status, wisdom would come to do parikarams to get safe from Rahu Ketu dhosam effect.
  • Contact number for Devasthanam: 04364-256424

Nearby visiting places

  • Melaiyur : Melaiyur is 3km away from thiruvenkadu
  • Karuvi : Karuvi is 6km away from thiruvenkadu

Alangudi (Jupiter god)

  • Guru Bhagavan is linked to fortune, advantage and lot of money. The unfavourable place in astrology can cause skin issues, joint disease, heart relevant issues, fear and discomfort. Guru blesses the devotees to get good knowledge, valour, extended life and treat from illnesses.
  • Contact number for Devasthanam: 04374-269407

Nearby visiting places

  • Needamangalam : Needamangalam 7km away from alangudi
  • Thiruvarur : Thiruvarur is 33km away from alangudi
  • Ayyavadi : Ayyavadi has upplliyappan kovil near to manargudi

Kanjanur (Venus god)

  • Kanjanur is situated in the Thanjavur district. People offer poojas to get the better understanding of the spouse, getting luck, getting early marriage, getting properties.  People who have sukra desa, they will have all prosperity in life.
  • Contact number for Devasthanam : 0435-2473737

Nearby visiting places

  • Aduthurai : Aduthurai is 5km away from kanjanur
  • Thirumanacherry : Thirumanacherry is 14km away from kanjanur
  • Kuthalam : kuthalam is 19km away from kanjanur

Thirunageswaram (Rahu)

  • Thirunageswaram is the sthalam for Rahu. People who are getting bad things due to Rahu unfavourable position will come to this temple to make poojas. This temple is always filled with devotees.
  • Contact number for Devasthanam : 0435-2463354

Nearby visiting places

  • Karkathi : Karkathi is 8km away from Thirunageswaram
  • Alangudi : Alangudi is 17km away from Thirunageswaram
  • Thirupampuram : Thirupampuram 3km away from Karkathi


  • Thirupampuram is in Thanjavur district. It is most famous temple for Rahu Ketu parikarams. This sthalam has a single idol for Rahu Ketu. People booked in this sthalam to make pooja in advance. It is belief that people got positive effect after made parikarams
  • Contact number for Devasthanam : 0435 246 9555

Nearby visiting places

  • Thirunageswaram : Thirunageswaram is 22km away from Thirupampuram
  • Karkathi : Karkathi is 11km away from Thirupampuram
  • Peralam : Peralam is 16km away from Thirunageswaram

Keezha perumpallam (Saturn god)

  • Keezha perumpallam is the sthalam for saneeswaran. People who are suffering during the period of sani for 7 years would come to make poojas in this temple. On the period of sani, people would suffer from many bad things to manage the bad things they preferring parikaram in this keezha perumpallam sthalam to make pooja.
  • Contact number for Devasthanam: 04364-260582

Nearby visiting places

  • Vanagiri : Vanagiri is 3 km away from keezha perumpallam
  • Poombukar : Poombukar is 2 km away from keela perumpallam

Chennai navagraham sthalam

Suryan sthalam : Gnayiru Gramam is one of the Navagraha temples around Chennai dedicated to Suryan

Chandran sthalam : Somangalam Sri Somanaadheeswarar of Shiva Somangalam, Kundrathur

Chevvai sthalam : Vaidheeswarar temple is also considered as the Navagraha Sthalam in poonamalle

Budhan sthalam : Sri Sundhareswarar temple in Kovur. This one the NavagrahaSthalam where the deity is worshipped for Budhan Dosha

Guru Sthalam : Tiruvalleeswarar Temple at Padi Chennai

Sukran sthalam : Sri Velleeswarar Temple mylapore worship for sukra desa

Saneeswaran sthalm : Sri Agatheeswarar Temple Navagraha parikarasthalam Pozhichalur

Rahu sthalam : Sri Nageswarar temple kundrathur

Ketu sthalam : Neelakandeshwarar kovil gerumbakkam

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