Delightful Beaches and Water Sports in Chennai

6 Delightful Chennai Beaches You Must Visit in 2018 |Kovalam Water Sports |Beach Resorts in Chennai

Delightful Chennai Beaches

Chennai is the largest coastal city located in southern India, Tamilnadu. Chennai has included mesmerizing beaches which covered the tourister’s boundary of locals, national and international. Chennai beach’s boundaries are connected bay of Bengal. Its pulls the tourists towards itself by its beautiful sunrise, sunset, vibrant waves keep you to be peaceful. People from all age groups would like to visit beaches because of the calm and peaceful environment. People from all status would like to visit Chennai beaches to get away from hustle-bustle life.

Here is few mesmerizing Chennai beaches list

Renowned Marina beach

Marina beach is the most prominent beach in Chennai and second largest beach in the world about 13km. Ever since it is the most visiting beach in Chennai by the locals, international tourists because of historical monuments. It’s having Anna square, MGR memorial, Jayalalitha (former chief minister of Tamilnadu) lighthouse, Fort (British construction) sculptures of Gandhi, kamaraj.Walking through the beach, playing

volleyball, football with friends, making sand house in the beach and also having roadside stalls around the beach, morning and evening, we can see the sun view, fisherman going to fishing ,these are the things to do in marina beach Chennai. There are many cheap and best hotels near marina beach Chennai.

How to reach Marina beach : Nearest railway station is Chennai central railway station to marina beach at distance of 6kms and it takes 5 to 6minutes to reach marina beach.

Elegant Besant Nagar beach or Edward Elliot’s beach

Besant Nagar beach is also called as Edward Elliot’s beach is most preferring beach by youngsters to make fun with friends. It is very cleaned and calm beach. People used to walk, jogging in the morning time. One who likes a less crowded place for relaxation will go to this beach. Besant Nagar beach also says as night beach, because youngsters gathered at evening and morning. Attractions in Besant Nagar beach are

Ashtalakshmi temple, velakanni church Karl-Schmidt Dutch sailor who saved drowning women in a beach. Besant Nagar beach has good beach resorts in Chennai to stay near beach.

How to reach Besant Nagar beach : Nearest railway station is central railway station at distance of 10kms.

Dashing Covelong (kovalam) beach

Covelong beach is little away from Chennai city. It is a beautiful and best entertaining beach in Chennai, located in ECR (east coastal road).Covelong beach covered with palm trees, a walk along the beach makes the peaceful experience. Water sports, windsurfing, are the attractions in the Covelong beach. Youngsters used to do water sports in the beach.

There is music festival; yoga centres are the additional attraction to visit people in the Covelong beach. Motor, bike riding can do along the ECR and Covelong beaches; you can do if you are like dare sports. Wind surfing boards are providing to all 5 -60 ages of people for 3 to 5 days camp. You can stay and do water sports by staying near kovalam beach resorts Chennai.

How to reach Covelong beach : Covelong beach is 40km away from Chennai. It takes 53 minutes to reach from Chengalpattu to Covelong.

Pleasantful Thiruvanmiyur beach

Thiruvanmiyur beach is located in Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai. It is a hub of information technology. Tidel IT Park is close to it. Thiruvanmiyur is specific for the one who wants to breathe fresh air; walk on clean sandy beach. It is the isolated beach, perfect calm beach place to see the view of the sea and sun. To feel the full beach sea breeze prefer beach view resorts in Chennai near Thiruvanmiyur.

How to reach Thiruvanmiyur beach : Nearest distance is Besant Nagar railway station to the Thiruvanmiyur beach is 3km; it takes 3to 5 minutes to reach the beach.

Funfilled VGP golden beach

VGP golden beach is located in the southern city of Chennai, ECR visited mostly by the south city dwellers. It is a good entertaining place for friends and families.VGP golden beach is the part of VGP universal kingdom is amusement park. Families and friends indulge with adventure sports and rides. The entry fees for VGP golden beach ids 450INR to 550INR from children to adults. Offers are providing for all months. You can enjoy the fun activities. Choose best beach resorts in ECR road

near VGP Golden beach. Lot of cheap and best beach resorts in ECR. Ideal beach resort and blue bay beach resort is the good beach resort in ECR Chennai and many groups would do cycling in weekends along the ECR road.

How to reach VGP golden beach : Nearest distance to reach VGP Golden beach is 18 km from Tambaram railway station to beach, it takes 21 minutes.

Charming Santhome beach

Santhome beach is located in Santhome town in Mylapore area, Chennai. It is an ideal beach for couples with love making time like this isolated place. Enjoy sightseeing of tidal waves, picturesque beach view, splashing of water, soaking legs in seawater. There are many best beach resorts in Chennai for couple and also families to enjoy the beach location.

How to reach Santhome beach : Mylapore is the town of Chennai; it is close to Santhome beach with a distance of 1.7k.m from Mylapore railway station.
Nearest Distance from Chennai central railway station to Santhome takes 20 minutes to reach by bus or cab.

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