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Mela Kadambur Amirthakadeswarar Temple – History, Architecture and Pooja details

From Tamil artistic sources we discover that there are nine classifications of sanctuary structures devoted to Lord Shiva. They are: ‘Perunkoyil’, ‘Karakkoyil’, ‘Gnalarkoyil’, ‘Koudikkoyil’, ‘Ilamkoyil’, ‘Manikkoyil’, ‘Alakkoyil’, ‘Madakkoyil’ and ‘Punkoyil.’ The presiding deity is Lord Shiva as “Amirthakadeswarar” moolavar and “Vidyujothi Nayaki” & “Sri jothiminnamai” Amman, Urchavar “Somaskandar”. It is a long-lasting belief that resting our case to Lord Shiva in the sanctuaries will bring prosperity and wealth.

Lord Shiva in our hearts, Prompt tours & travels (the best travel agency in Chennai) takes deep pleasure and satisfaction in helping devotees find their calling in this sacred place.

Thirunavukkarasar (Appar) Thevaram makes reference to nine sorts of sanctuaries. They incorporate They are: ‘Perunkoyil’, ‘Karakkoyil’, ‘Gnalarkoyil’, ‘Koudikkoyil’, ‘Ilamkoyil’, ‘Manikkoyil’, ‘Alakkoyil’, ‘Madakkoyil’ and ‘Punkoyil.’

Tirunavukkarasar describes the feature of the deity as:

நங்க டம்பனைப் பெற்றவள் பங்கினன்

தென்க டம்பைத் திருக்கரக் கோயிலோன்
தன்க டன்னடி யேனையுந் தாங்குதல்

என்க டன்பணி செய்து கிடப்பதே.


ஆறாம் திருமுறை

பெருக்காறு சடைக்கணிந்த பெருமான் சேரும்
பெருங் கோயில் எழுபதினோ(டு) எட்டும் மற்றும்
கரக்கோயில் கடிபொழில்சூழ் ஞாழற் கோயில்
கருப்பறியற் பொருப்பனைய கொகுடிக் கோயில்
இருக்கோதி மறையவர்கள் வழிபட்(டு) ஏத்தும்
இளங்கோயில் மணிக்கோயில் ஆலக் கோயில்
திருக்கோயில் சிவனுறையுங் கோயில் சூழ்ந்து
தாழ்ந்திறைஞ்சத் தீவினைகள் தீரும் அன்றே

– திருநாவுக்கரசர் தேவாரம்–

This thousand year old sanctuary is the image of proceeding with design custom of the Chola skilled workers and it is one of the later Chola sanctuaries which have stayed unrivaled as far as engineering greatness to date. Paying homage to this marvellous skill, Prompt Tours & travels decided to be the best travel agency in Chennai by providing pilgrimage tour packages of the highest devotional value.  The engineering and figures show perfect creative aptitudes.

The sanctuary vimana (place of worship segment of a sanctuary and its superstructure) is assembled like a chariot (ratha) like structure drawn by two ponies. The left wheel is adhered to the earth since Lord Ganesha squeezed it.

The manchabhadra upa-pita or platform frames the base. The padma banda adhisthana (socle) comprises of 18 diverse particular shaped levels (from base up); Upana or upatala (the base), Padma (a layer of lotus theme), Jagathi (straight), Kumuda (round), Kanta (neck), Patti and Kapota (layer of lotus petals). Nagara vimana has kirtimukha kudu on every heading and a round kalasa and stupi.

During the time of Dasaratha (Lord Ram’s father) Lord Sani had eagle as vaahan, Dasa buja rishaba thandava Murthy is taken out during every Pradosham – this vigraham is available ONLY in this temple.

Legend of the Temple

Lord Murugan, before waging war against demon Surapadma sought forgiveness in this holy site and received his bow (“Vil” in Tamil) from his mother. Here, we can see a procession idol of Lord Murugan with a bow in his hand along with his consorts. He is praised as “Sri Villenthiya Velavar”. Since planet Mars worshiped Lord Murugan here, a procession idol of Mars is also present.

According to legend, Devas who were big enough to churn the nectar from the ocean (Thirupparkadal) turned small while consuming it because they failed to worship Lord Vinayakar. Angry, Lord Vinayakar taught them a lesson by taking away the pot. Feeling his powers, When Lord Vinayakar passed through the Kadamba forest, a drop of nectar fell and became a Swayambu Lingam. Realizing their stupidity, Indira and Devas came here and begged Lord Vinayakar’s for a solution.

Lord Vinayakar in turn pardoned and advised them to worship Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, responding to their prayers by returning the nectar and was in turn idolised here as Sri Amirthakadeswarar – “Amirtham” means nectar, “Kada” means (pot) and Easwar means the lord. Lord Indra, so happy with getting “Amrit” here, this temple gets the name “Karakkoil”.

Temple timings: 07:30am to 10:00am | 05:00pm to 08:00pm

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Pooja timings:  “We can arrange the special Poojas on request.”

Kalashanthi Pooja8:30 am to 9:30 am
Uchikala Pooja11:30 am to 12:00 noon
Sayaratchai Pooja6:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Ardhajama Pooja7:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Address of Amirthakadeswarar koil:

Sri AmirdhagadeswararTemple, Thiruladaiyur (Po.), Tharangakbadi (Tk.), Nagappattinam (Dt), Tamil nadu- 609311. India.

Location: (Distance) : From Chennai: 276 Km | From Trichy: 141.8 KMS | 26KMS from Chidambaram

Best way to reach Amirthakadeswarar temple:

By train: Trichy railway station is the nearest which is in 158 KMS away

By bus: Trichy bus stand is the nearest one which is in 138 KMS away, city buses are available to this temple. Kattumanar koil is 22KMS from Chidambaram. Kattumanar koil to Eyyalur after Keel kadambur then Melai Kadambur.

By air: Nearest Airport Chennai, Puducherry & Trichy. Prompt Tours & Travels – the best travel agency in Chennai, offers pilgrimage tour packages for Mela Kadambur Amirthakadeswarar koil at an affordable cost from chennai. We offer the cheapest Cab, Luxury vehicles, Coach and Bus Rentals services and decent accommodation. We also offer other amazing tours & packages across the country. Feel free to utilize the services of the best travel agency in Chennai to avail stunning tours and amazing travel experiences.

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