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Ancient Mylapore

Mylapore is a very old ancient place in Chennai. According to the historical and archaeological reports, Mylapore history is started before 1ST century of Christian era, from the period of great Tamil author Thiruvalluvar. Mylapore is located in the southern region of Chennai, Tamilnadu. Mylapore is grove with trees along the roadside and famous for Brahmin people, temples, educational institutions, heritage homes, foods. Let’s see the special things in Mylapore Chennai.

Cultural and Heritage Showcase Mylapore temple

Mylapore is a cultural hub of Chennai south city. Mylapore is a renowned area for temple visiting. The oldest 7th century’s Mylapore kapaleeshwarar temple is being a highlight of Mylapore Chennai, Lord Shiva is dedicated god in this temple, it also has historical stories let we see that in upcoming articles. Kapaleeshwarar temple is visiting by hundreds of devotees every day. Mylapore Sai baba temple is another recognizable and well-known temple in Mylapore Chennai. Mylapore temples have a vibrant culture and fine arts.

Food Delicacies Mylapore

Mylapore is familiar with our traditional betel leaves Brahmins foods, street foods too. Most importantly, filter coffee which is inseparable for south Indian peoples, coffee beans blending, the quantity of chicory mixed is made Mylapore filter coffee becomes familiar and full meals at Mylapore are also the prominent food provided from elite restaurants to street restaurants. The cultural and traditional flavour they added is the highlight of Mylapore full meals.

Street Kolam in Mylapore

Mylapore has conducting kolam festival every year. Homes in mangollai and mada Veethis Street, women put pulli kolam, Rangoli every day. The streets and old homes represent the heritage structures and remember the life of Bharathiyar and Thiruvalluvar was lived 1000 years ago. Online participation is also available to attend the Mylapore kolam. The last kolam festival happened on Jan 6th and Jan 7th in north Mada Street, Mylapore.

Carnatic Kacheris in Mylapore

Mylapore Kacheris are happening frequently in Mylapore Sabhas. Mylapore is a hub of cultural, traditional Carnatic music spot. Many Carnatic vocalists are doing their concert in Mylapore Sabhas. Mylapore is incomplete without Carnatic music concerts. The most famous Sabhas are Narada Gana Sabha, Rasika Ranjani Sabha.

Mylapore times

Mylapore times are the local newspaper published only in the area of Mylapore. It collected the news, and every event happening in Mylapore. Its shows also the upcoming Carnatic music concert, temple poojas, Mylapore temple festivals, special bhajanas will happen in Mylapore.

Margazhi Mylapore bhajanas

Mylapore and bhajanas are inseparable ones. Every day in margazhi month, peoples in the mada veethis and also people living in surroundings of Temple Street they make bhajanas for Andal in morning. They will enchant the mantras, singing Thirupavai song of Andal and coming around the temple. Women put margazhi kolam in the entrance of the residency which shows traditional touch of Tamilnadu.

Mylapore tank

Mylapore tank is water tank surrounded by temples steps and is the part of the kapaleeshwarar Temple’s outside fit located at the entrance gate of the road. Mylapore tank is a little town contains from traditional pearls jewellery shops to huge varieties of imitation jewellery, textiles shops, flower shops, jaddi pickles shops, hand woven baskets, glass bangles shops, famous karpagambal mess,daba Chetty kadai jewellery shop on the kutchery street, these are areas special things in Mylapore tank.

Mylapore Famous educational institutions

Ramakrishna mission Vivekananda College Mylapore is a famous educational institute in Mylapore Chennai. Vivekananda College is started at 1946. It is one of the famous institutes in Chennai and Sai Vidyalaya Matriculation High School, Sri Ramakrishna Cent Primary School, P.S.Mat Higher Secondary School are the popular schools in Mylapore.

Mylapore pubs

Mylapore is not only familiar for temples and traditions, it also have pubs and bar. Famous bar in Mylapore are illusions –the madras pub, bay 146, bamboo bar situated in city. Parties are happening every week in these places with special non vegetarian recipes. Many young youngsters are arriving to these pubs which are safest pubs too for young girls.

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