Saptha Vidanga Sthalam – Shiva Temples

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Here is a close view of the idol of Lord Shiva through the eyes of a pilgrim whose faith in religiosity will clear the roads of any pain caused by the anger of gods.

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The whole essence of this pilgrimage is to open the doors of reality in the physical road traversed by ardent devotees who want to be transported beyond the realm of human imagination. Any pilgrimage or a devotional journey is considered to be a service to the Gods. Hence, you choose one of the biggest travel agents in Chennai with superb guides who can transport you with their humble attitude and beautiful reverence.

A Sublime Devotional Plot

Let us first begin our journey to Vidanga sanctuaries where there will always be a Thyagarajar moorthi. It is the Saha Umaa Skandha (for the most part called Soomaaskandha) type of Lord Shiva. The Thyagarajar moorthi came out of the inhale(uchisvasam) and exhale(nichisvasam) of Maha Vishnu performing Ajaba Nadanam. At first this moorthi was loved by Maha Vishnu, and he got a wonderful child Manmadha. Later he offered it to Brahma and he offered it to Indra. Indra revered the moorthi for quite a while.

Muchukunda Chakravarthi, who had the essence of monkey, was an incredible and valorous Chola lord. He was once drawn closer by Indra for help during the war among Devas and Asuras. Muchukunda readily consented to help the ruler of the Devas, and participated in the war. At long last, with Muchukunda’s guide, the Devas prevailing with regards to steering the Asuras, and Indra was amazingly appreciative to the lord. He offered his preferred lord an endowment, and Muchukunda, an ardent man, requested the Thyagarajar moorthi revered by Indra. Indra was paralyzed.

He would not like to leave behind his valuable moorthi, yet the lord wouldn’t acknowledge whatever else. He at long last settled on a gift which gives him six comparable moorthis and asked Muchukunda to discover the one he needed. Like this, a pilgrim can seek to Darshan the moorthis by riding with PromptTravels – one of the best travel agents in Chennai.

Muchukunda was a brilliant lord, and appealed to Shiva to recognize the right one and found the first moorthi. So Indra gave him all the seven moorthis to Muchukunda. Muchukunda kept those moorthis in seven sanctuaries which are called Saptha (seven) Vidanga sanctuaries. (Every one of these sanctuaries are in Tamil Nadu and arranged around Thanjavur). If one wishes to have a clear and happy Darshan of the sanctuaries, you should travel with Prompttravels as we are one of the best travel agents in Chennai.

Muchukunda came back to earth with the seven Thyagarajar moorthis and introduced them at different places in his realm. The first one he kept at the sanctuary at Thiruvarur, and the others at Thirunallar, Vedaranyam, Thiruvaimur, Thrirukaravasal, Thirukkuvalai and Nagapattinam. These seven sanctuaries are all things considered known as Saptha Vidanga Sthalams. Vidanga implies something that has not been etched out. These seven Thyagarajar moorthi are accepted to be divine – not made by etches.

Ordinarily, Soomaaskandhar type of Shiva will come out of the sanctuary during utsavams (celebrations). Yet, since the Thyagarajar is the pradana (principle) moorthi in these sanctuaries, he won’t go out during celebrations. So the Chandrasekara type of Shiva will go out on utsavams. This Thyagarajar moorthi won’t have abhishegam on all days. Thus, the Shivaperuman himself gave a piece of his bow moon fit as a fiddle of lingams for playing out the nithya (every day) poojas for Thyagarajar as his delegate.

Normally, it is the top bit of the lingam – the oval which is accepted to be swayambhu. The base – avudayar-is made by hand. In all these seven lingams, the entire lingam – the base just as the top segment – structure a solitary piece, and are accepted to have showed up only a similar way, without being made. All the seven lingams are of various sizes, however they are made of a similar material – maragatham – or emerald. Be that as it may, it looks more like Jade than emerald, as it is translucent. The greatest one is at Thirunallar, while the one at Thiruvarur is of medium size.

1. Thiruvarur –Veedhi Vidangar – Ajapa Natanam

The first Veedhi Vidangar was introduced by Muchukunda chakravarti at Thiruvarur. Thyagaraja is related with the ajaba nadanam. The ajaba mantra is “hamsa – soham”. It is the voiceless, quiet japa spoke to by inward breath and exhalation of breath. Thyagaraja is said to play out this move on the chest of Vishnu who is in yoganidra. This controlled breath is known to yogis.

In Thiruvarur, the night abhishekam is alluded to as Saya rakshapuja and Indra himself is accepted to come here with all the devas regularly during this time, to lead the pooja.

Address: Sannathi Street, Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu 610001, India.

Thirvarur Saptha Vidanga Thala Vilakkam

2. Thirunallar – “Unmatha Nadanam” 

The fundamental god is darbaraneswarar. Here Nataraja plays out the unmatha nadanam. Nataraja is in an inebriated state while playing out this move. In Tamil, one can say mei marandhu – overlooking oneself in delight of God awareness. Having said that, being one of the most experienced travel agents in Chennai, our pilgrimage tour packages will transport you into a state of bliss year on year owing to proximity.

Address: Sri Saneeswara Baghawan Temple, Thirunallar – P.O. 609 607, Karaikal.

3. Nagaik Karonam – Sundhara Vidangar – Villathi Natanam

Shiva is loved as Kayaroganeswarar. Here, the move resembles the rushes of the sea – villathi nadanam. Kadal alai konjiyum varum, seeriyum varum. The waves can be delicate and energetic, or they can be wild and seething. At the point when the divinity is taken on a parade in a pallak, the individuals who convey the pallak authorize these move developments – the developments of waves in a sea. Thus Nataraja’s move at this sthalam looks like waves – little waves and huge waves.

The individuals who convey the pallak would realize the method with regards to how to organize every one of their developments to achieve this move movement.

Address: Neela Sannathi, ASN Colony, Melakottaivasal, Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu 611003

4. Thirukkaraiyil – Adi Vidangar, “Kukuta Nadanam”

The primary divinity is Kannayiramudayar. The move resembles that of a rooster, seval – kukuta nadanam. Individuals perform developments looking like that of a cockerel, while conveying the divinity in the pallak during the parade.

Address: Thirukkaraiyil, nadapattinam, tamil nadu- 611004.

5. Thirukuvalai – Avani Vidangar, “Bringa Nadanam”

Shiva is adored as Brahmapureeswarar. Here, the move looks like the developments of a bug, vandu – bringa nadanam. The roundabout examples of development, the vertical and even development and the bouncing development of a creepy-crawly are ordered while conveying the pallak, during the parade of the divinity. This move can be compared to Prompttravels desire to show the world free of pain which makes us one of the Finest travel Agents in Chennai. Praising Lord Shiva and acquiring his blessing is the heavenly road to destiny.

Address: Thirukuvaai koil, Thirukuvalai, Nagapattinam (Dt), Tamil nadu- 610 204.

6. Thiruvaymur – Nila Vidangar, “Kamala Nadanam”

Shiva is as vaimur nathar. This is where Lord Shiva welcomed Thirunavukkarasar saying “thiruvaimurukku va”. The move looks like the progressive blooming of a lotus blossom (like how Prompttravels blossomed from a budding tour operator to one of the most profitable travel agents in Chennai).

The blooming occurs from the inward to the external. At the point when they acquire the divinity the pallak, they do so following the development of a blooming lotus – from beneath to above. They don’t convey the divinity at a quick pace. The move is moderate, since it takes after a lotus influencing smoothly to a delicate breeze. Thus the pallak is conveyed in a moderate way, tenderly influencing from side to side.

Address: Thiruvaimoor Thevara Temple, Nagapattinam Dist, TamilNadu Pincode 610204.

7. Thiru Maraikkadu – Buvanividangar – Hamsapada Nadanam

Shiva is revered as Vedaranyeswarar. Here, the move looks like the walk of a swan – hamsa paada nadanam. The move movement while conveying the divinity in the pallak looks like the smooth developments of a swan.

Address: Sri thiru maraikadar temple, vedaranyam, Nagapattinam (DS). Tamil nadu- 614 809.

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