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Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple – The World Heritage

Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is in Thiruchirapalli Tamilnadu. it is also called as Thiruvarangam. This temple conserved the cultural heritage of is most important one among the 108 divya deshams.It is considered as a first and foremost temples of all divya deshams.

It is situated in between the river Cauvery and kollidam. Recently, It wons UNESCO Asia Pacific Award of Merit 2017.This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.Lord Vishnu is the main God in this temple.

Reason for UNESCO(United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organisation) Award

The great manual effort made it now.The process of renovation and restoration of the temple by the local craftspeople competed with nine countries.Finally got UNESCO Asia Pacific Award of merit 2017.

The renovation and restoration progress started in June 2014 by Former Cheif Minister Jayalalitha. she was elected from the Sri Rangam constituency in 2011

The massive project was executed through the Government and private partnership has won this award.The kumbabisekham was performed as two sessions in September and November 2015.

Government and Donors contributed the budget of the consumes 25 crores.this project considered conservation projects among 10 countries in Asia pacific also contains four awards of merit from a jury contains nine international conservation experts.

The renovation work was done by the experienced craftspeople under the guidance of archaeology experts with principle of ancient building and sites.

Traditional construction materials and techniques are used for the renovation of the temple.It shows our tradition and culture of Tamilnadu UNESCO jury praised the temple especially in the architecture of the temple revealed original shrines.

There are totally 21 gopurams in this temple.the old appearance of the temple has changed.

It contains Hundred pillar mandapam, Thousand pillar mandapam, other mandapams, several sculptures in the sub-shrines are modified.

Speciality of Srirangam Temple

The temple covers nearly 156 acres which are constructed by the dravidian style of architecture.there are 21 gopurams.the main gopuram among these 21 is called Rajagopuram is about 237 feet high with 12 kalasams.

The gopuram of Ranganathaswamy temple is the biggest gopuram in Asia.

Festivals always happen all months like Jestabishekam–June-July, Pavithrothsavam – August –September, Viruppan(Chithirai Ther)–March- April Kaisiga Ekadesi – December – January.

Lord Vishnu is the presiding chief deity in Ranganath Swamy temple facing the south direction in reclining position.His Goddess named as Boodevi and Sridevi is positioned just before the lord Ranganathar.

Other deities are Goddess Ranganayaki, Nam Perumal, Lord sudharshana Alwar, Lord Dhanvantri, Lords Nava Narashimhars, Lord Pattabhi Ramar, Lord Venugopal,Lord Metu Azhagiasingar, Goddess Periya Pirate.

This temple is most preferred and important one among the all Tamilnadu tourist places and Tamilnadu culture.

This temple attracts the devotees with more attention and also foreign tourists.

Open Timings : 3AM – 10PM
How to reach

By Bus Trichy central bus stand has bus facilities for all main cities and towns.cabs also available.

By Train, Trichy railway junction of the main junction connected with southern India Madurai, Thanjavur, Thiruvananthapuram.

By Air, the nearest airport is Trichy International Airport which connects Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Dubai.

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