Significance of Girivalam – Tiruvannamalai Arunachala Temple | Karthigai deepam

Significance of Girivalam Timings 2018-Tiruvannamalai Arunachala Temple|Karthigai deepam

Arunachaleshwarar temple is an ancient temple located in Tiruvannamalai district Tamilnadu, India. Tiruvannamalai temple also called Arunagiri, Sonagiri, Sonachalam, Arunachala and Red Mountain. The name red mountain for Arunachala hill referred as “aruna” the red colour signifies the fire lighting in the hill, then “Chala” means hill. Lord Shiva is the devotee of this temple with his consort Parvathi. Lord Shiva worshipped as name “arunachaleshwarar” or annamalayar and goddess Parvathi worshipped as “unnamulai Amman”or “abhidhakuchambal”. Arunachaleshwarar temple was built during Cholas periods 750 A.D, over 1000 years before. In Tiruvannamalai temple, Lord Shiva worshipped in the form of “fire” is one of elements of the panjaboothas. This temple situated in the bottom of the Annamalai hill. The word Tiruvannamalai represents Annamalai means hill and Tiru mean greatness of temple.Sri Nithayanandha Swamy is Aadheenam of Tiruvannamalai temple in Madurai

Architecture of Tiruvannamalai

Arunachaleshwarar temple covers 10 hectares; it has four walls and four gopurams. The east and west walls are 700 feet, south is 451 feet, north is 1600 feet.

Eastern gopurams in Tiruvannamalai temples is the tallest Gopuram as 217 feet in India, it is called rajagopuram.the four gopurams are Tirumanjana Gopuram, Ammaniammal Gopuram, Pei Gopuram and the Rajagopuram. It has five prakarams; nandhi statues have placed in every prakaram in front of Lord Shiva. Then thousand pillar mandapam sculpted by stone pillars.Tiruvathirai is the star of this mandapam.

It was built in Chola’s period and it’s expanded in Vijayanagar period. It has lot of shrines denoting the stories of Lord Shiva and Parvathi as prominent god.

Highlights of Tiruvannamalai temple


Many rituals are happening daily in Tiruvannamalai temple. The most important festive event is Girivalam. More than one million people are participating in this Tiruvannamalai Girivalam. Every month in full moon day this Girivalam would happen.

Devotees will come around the hills about 14 kilometres. The word Girivalam refers “Giri” as hill and “valam” as comes around the hill. Millions of people used to go Tiruvannamalai temple to participate in this holy event Girivalam.

Significance of Girivalam

The significance of Girivalam is human health and peace of mind which has been believed by spiritually and scientifically. Saints and siddhars were lived in this Tiruvannamalai temple which is believed by devotees. The prominent saints lived in Tiruvannamalai temple are appar, sundarar, manikavasagar.

Devotees are believing that siddhars presence would be in the Tiruvannamalai hill during full moon day so they making Girivalam to get the prosperity.

Tiruvannamalai hill has eight lingams are known as ashtalingam. Each lingam gives different goodness to the devotees as

Indra lingam gives fame and long life, Agni lingam gives relief from fear and disease, Yama lingam gives long lifespan, Niruthilingam gives health, wealth, childbirth to the couples,varunalingam gives relief from water health problems,vayulingam from diseases like heart diseases, stomach diseases, kupera lingam gives wealth improvement, easanya lingam peace of mind.

These are the important reasons to make Girivalam. The dharsan of eight lingams would give these much of goodness to the devotees.

Scientific reasons : There are lot of herbs surrounded in the Tiruvannamalai hill; Tiruvannamalai hill has magnetic force and herbal air inside hills give peace and healthy environment to the devotees.

Tiruvannamalai deepam

Tiruvannamalai deepam is the most famous event happening in Tiruvannamalai temples. Big fired beacon is lamped in Tiruvannamalai hill which is worshipped by millions of devotees.

Tiruvannamalai karthigai deepam festival celebrated for 10 days is called karthigai BrahmaUtsavam.

First day of Tiruvannamalai deepam: Hosting the flag to announce the ceremony is called Dwajaroghanam.Lord Shiva and Panchamoorthis coming in grant vehicle (vahanam) for the worship of devotees. Panchamoorthis are lord Ganapathi, Lord Murugan, lord Arunachaleshawara, goddess Parvathi, lord Sandeswarar.

Second day of Tiruvannamalai deepam: Lord Shiva and Panchamoorthis coming out in the chariot of Indira as oorvalam(appearing in front of devotees in temple’s outside).

Third day of Tiruvannamalai deepam: The third day of karthigai deepam festival is lord and Panchamoorthis come out in lion vahanam

Fourth day of Tiruvannamalai deepam: Lord Shiva and Panchamoorthis come out in kamadhenu vahanam.

Fifth day of Tiruvannamalai deepam: Lord Shiva and panchamoorthis comes out in big rishaba vahanam with a tall umbrella on the top of Lord Shiva and panchamoorthis.

Sixth day of Tiruvannamalai temple: Lord and panchamoorthis come around in silver chariot beautifully decorated big in size which fills the road.

Seventh day of Tiruvannamalai temple: Seventh-day,Lord Shiva and panchamoorthis comes around in wooden chariot fills the entire road.

Eighth day of Tiruvannamalai temple: Lord Shiva and panchamoorthis come around in horse vahanam which legs projected up from the round.

Ninth day of Tiruvannamalai temple: Lord Shiva and panchamoorthis come around in Kailasa vahanam.The ceremony gets more interested and celebrated in ninth day night.

Tenth day of Tiruvannamalai temple: karthigai deepam started at 4 o’ clock by lighting deepam in Tiruvannamalai temple. Then evening mahadeepam will be lighting Fire lamp on the top of the Annamalai hill which was witnessed by millions of devotees. They will get huge blessings from Lord Shiva.The big fire lamp on the top of the hill is considered as lord Shiva.lord periyanagar comes out in a gold chariot. Finally, theppal will happen, lord chandrasekarar, lord parasakthi, lord subramaniyar comes in the boat called theppal. Devotees had the complete satisfaction to get blessings from Lord Shiva by seen this maha karthigai deepam in Tiruvannamalai temple.

Opening and close timings of Tiruvannamalai temple : 5:30 AM to 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Girivalam Timings 2018 – Calendar

January : Jan 1 – Morning 10:00 AM, Jan 2 – Morning 8:45 AM, Jan 30 – Night 9:36 PM, Jan 31 – Night 7:20 PM

March : Mar 1 – Morning 8:15 AM, Mar 2- Morning 7:00 AM, Mar 30 – Night 7:20 PM, Mar 31 – Night 6:15 PM

April : Apr 29- Morning 5:45 AM, Apr 30 – Morning 5:45 AM

May : May 28 – Night 6:50 PM, May 29 Night 8:45 PM

June : Jun 27 – Morning 7:45 AM, Jun 28 Morning 10:45 AM

July : Jul 26 – Midnight 12:00 AM, Jul 27 – Midnight 2:00 A

August : Aug 25 – Evening 3:00 PM, Aug 26 Evening 5:00 PM

September : Sep 24 – Night 7:00 PM Sep 25 – Night 9:00 PM

October : Oct 23 – Night 10:00 PM, Oct 24 – Night 11:00 PM

November : Nov 22 – Morning 11:15 AM, Nov 23 – Morning 12:30 PM

December : Dec 21 – Midnight 12:30 AM, Dec 22 – Midnight 12:30 AM

Pooja timings : 5:30 AM gomotha pooja, evening 6:00 PM sayara chai pooja,night 9:00 PM arthajama pooja.

How to reach Tiruvannamalai

Distance from Chennai to Tiruvannamalai is 195kms. It takes 3 to 4 hours to Chennai by car. Chennai railway head is the nearest station to reach tiruvanamalai by train.

By bus, there are a lot of bus facilities available from Chennai. Chennai to Tiruvannamalai buses are 122 and 122P.

The nearest airport is Pondicherry airport. Chennai is the closest city to reach Tiruvannamalai.

Bangalore to Tiruvannamalai distance 200 km takes 4 hours 45 min to reach by car or bus.

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