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  Veezhinatheshwarar koil – Everything you need to know 

Tiruveezhimizhalai this is the Siva shetram is situated close to Mayiladuthurai. The managing god is Veezhiazhageeswarar, Netrarpaneswarar and the Ambal Brihadsundarakuchambika the sthala Vriksham is Veezhi and the Theertham Damodara Theertham Sambandar, Appar and Sundarar created the Pathigam. This Sivastalam is viewed as among the holiest Saivite places of worship as it has the third most noteworthy number of Pathigams, the initial two being Sirkazhi and Tiruvarur Legend has it that Parvati is said to have been renewed as Katyayani and hitched Siva here, and the sanctuary is accepted to be the Vimanam brought by Mahavishnu, The yearly Brahmotsavam is seen in the Tamil month of Chittirai.

Sage Kathyayana didn’t have posterity. He did repentance alongside his better half Sumangalai imploring Lord Siva. Ambikai showed up before him as Annapoorni and asked him what help he needed. The sage mentioned that Ambikai ought to be destined to him as his girl. Ambikai allowed his desire and was conceived as his girl and named Kathyayini. At the point when Kathyayni achieved eligible age, the sage mentioned Lord Siva to wed her. The Lord concurred and wedded Kathyayini. Around then, the sage petitioned the Lord to make the spot his homestead and to show up in wedding ensemble. The Lord concurred for his desire. He is depicted in wedding ensemble. He got the name “Maappilai Swami” along these lines.

The Lord is depicted with a rose bundle in his correct hand and a bamboo in his left hand. Those whose marriage is getting deferred will be honored with an early marriage in the event that they go to the divinity here, it is solidly accepted. Mappillai Swami is depicted with Ambikai on his right side. Be that as it may, at the moolasthanam, Balambikai is to one side of Lord Siva behind the lingam. Master Siva is depicted in two unique manners at the equivalent sthalam! At the prahara, Thyagaraja and Kamalambikai are depicted in the equivalent peedam. In the middle of, Mahavishnu is depicted alongside Ambikai. Dakshinamoorthy is introduced straightaway. He is depicted in a sitting stance with His correct leg set on a lotus. In any case, dissimilar to in different sanctuaries, there’s no banyan tree behind Him. He is called Aadhi Dakshinamoorthy. Those with apprehensive issues go to Him.

The bat mandap in this sanctuary is exceptionally well known. This extensive mandap without columns in the inside stands a living evidence for the greatness of the Tamils in the craft of development. The name Thiruveezhimizhalai is said to have originated from two legends that occurred here. The spot was at one time a timberland brimming with Sandhanam (Sandalwood), Senbagai, Pala (Jackfruit), Vila which is called Veezhi in Tamil. Additionally there is a plant by name Veezhi which develops in plenitude at this spot. Henceforth it is called Veezhi Kaadu(forest). Furthermore there was a tracker by name Mizhalai Kurumbar who lived here. He used to offer Vila organic product to Lord Shiva day by day. Seeing his bhakthi, Lord Shiva offered dharsan to him. Ruler Shiva + Veezhi Plants + Mizhalai Kurumbar = Thiruveezhimizhalai.

Temple Timings: Morning : 06:00 AM to 12:00Noon | 04:00PM to 09:00PM

Pooja Timings:       

Kalashanthi Pooja

8.30 am to 9.30 am

Uchikala Pooja

11.30 am to 12.00 noon

Sayaratchai Pooja

6.00 pm to 6.30 pm

Ardhajama Pooja

7.30 pm to 8.00 pm

Temple Address:

Sri Veezhinatheswarar Temple,
Tiruvarur district,
Pin Code : 609 501, Tamil Nadu.

Location: From Chennai: 292 KMS | From Thiruvarur: 25 KMS

Best way to reach Veezhinatheshwarar temple:

By train: Trichy railway station is the nearest which is in 105 KMS away

By bus: Thiruvarur bus stand is the nearest one which is in 30 KMS away, city buses are available to this temple.

By air: Trichy airport is the nearest one which is 115 KMS away.

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