Chennai to Vellore: A Family Road Trip Through Tamil Nadu

A Family Road Trip with Chennai Car Rental

Embarking on a road trip with your family is an exciting way to explore new destinations, create lasting memories, and bond over shared experiences. One of the best routes for such a journey in Tamil Nadu is from Chennai to Vellore. This trip offers a mix of cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, and historical landmarks. To make your journey seamless and enjoyable, consider using a car rental in Chennai with driver. This service not only adds convenience but also ensures a comfortable and stress-free travel experience.

Starting Point: Chennai

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is a bustling metropolis known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and modern amenities. Before you hit the road, take some time to explore the city’s major attractions.

Starting your journey with a car rental in Chennai with driver allows you to explore these attractions at your own pace without worrying about navigation or parking.

The Road Trip: Chennai to Vellore

The drive from Chennai to Vellore is approximately 140 kilometres and typically takes about 3 to 4 hours, depending on traffic conditions. The route, primarily along National Highway 48, is well-maintained and scenic, offering several interesting stops along the way.

Scenic Stops Along the Way

  1. Sriperumbudur: Located about 40 kilometres from Chennai, this town is known for the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial, dedicated to the former Prime Minister of India. It’s a peaceful spot to take a break and reflect on the nation’s history.
  2. Kanchipuram: Known as the “City of Thousand Temples,” Kanchipuram is famous for its exquisite temples and silk sarees. Key temples include the Ekambareswarar Temple and Kamakshi Amman Temple. Spend some time exploring these architectural marvels and perhaps buying some authentic silk sarees.
  3. Ranipet: A small town offering a glimpse into rural life in Tamil Nadu. It’s a great place to stop for a quick snack or a refreshing cup of South Indian filter coffee.

Destination: Vellore

Vellore is a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage, situated on the banks of the Palar River. It is home to several important landmarks and offers a unique blend of history and modernity.

Key Attractions in Vellore

  1. Vellore Fort: Built in the 16th century by the Vijayanagara kings, Vellore Fort is known for its grand ramparts, wide moat, and robust masonry. The fort also houses the Jalakandeswarar Temple, a stunning example of Vijayanagara architecture.
  2. Jalakandeswarar Temple: Located within the Vellore Fort, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is known for its intricate carvings and serene atmosphere. The temple is an active place of worship and a site of historical significance.
  3. Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple: Situated in Sripuram, about 7 kilometers from Vellore, this temple is famous for its gold-coated structure. The star-shaped pathway leading to the temple is surrounded by lush greenery, providing a tranquil experience.
  4. Amirthi Zoological Park: Located about 25 kilometers from Vellore, this park is a great place for a family outing. The park is home to a variety of animals and birds and offers hiking trails for nature enthusiasts.

Benefits of Using Car Rental in Chennai with Driver

Opting for a car rental in Chennai with driver for your family road trip to Vellore offers numerous advantages:

Comfort and Convenience

Traveling with a professional driver allows you to relax and enjoy the journey. You can engage in conversations with your family, enjoy the scenic views, and make spontaneous stops without the stress of driving.

Local Expertise

A local driver is familiar with the best routes, traffic patterns, and hidden gems along the way. This expertise can enhance your travel experience, ensuring you make the most of your trip. This Car rental in Chennai with driver service has made Prompt Tours & Travels massive because of our local expertise in Tamil Nadu.


Having an experienced driver at the wheel ensures that your journey is safe. Professional drivers are trained to handle various driving conditions and are aware of local traffic regulations.


With car rental in Chennai with driver, you have the flexibility to customize your itinerary. You can choose when to start your journey, how long to stay at each stop, and which places to visit.


For a family road trip, car rental in Chennai with driver can be more economical than using multiple vehicles. It also eliminates the need for public transportation, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Making the Most of Your Road Trip

To ensure your road trip from Chennai to Vellore is memorable and enjoyable, here are some tips:

Plan Ahead

While spontaneity adds excitement to a road trip, having a rough plan can help you manage your time better. Decide on the key attractions you want to visit and allocate sufficient time for each stop.

Pack Essentials

Make sure to pack all the essentials, including water, snacks, a first aid kit, and any medications you might need. Comfortable clothing, sunscreen, and hats are also important, especially if you plan to spend time outdoors. Speaking of essentials, car rental in chennai with driver by Prompt Tours & Travels is essential to get to Vellore comfortably.

Capture Memories

Don’t forget to bring a camera or smartphone to capture the beautiful moments and scenic views along the way. These memories will be cherished for years to come. Have fun in Vellore and come to back to Chennai in the same car rental in Chennai with driver with lots of beautiful memories.

Stay Connected

Ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged and has a good data plan. This will help you stay connected with your driver and navigate any unexpected situations.

Enjoy Local Cuisine

Tamil Nadu is famous for its delicious cuisine. Make sure to try some local dishes along the way. From crispy dosas and idlis to flavorful biryanis, the culinary delights are endless.

Returning to Chennai

After exploring Vellore, you can begin your journey back to Chennai. The return trip offers an opportunity to revisit any spots you might have missed or to discover new attractions along the way. With a car rental in Chennai with driver, you can enjoy the flexibility of making additional stops and taking detours without any hassle.

Enchanting Tamil Nadu with car rental in Chennai with Driver

A family road trip from Chennai to Vellore is an excellent way to explore the cultural and historical treasures of Tamil Nadu. By opting for a car rental in Chennai with driver, you ensure a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable journey for your family. From the bustling streets of Chennai to the historical marvels of Vellore, every moment of the trip offers a unique experience.

Traveling with a professional driver allows you to focus on the experience without worrying about navigation or driving fatigue. The convenience, local expertise, and safety provided by a car rental in Chennai with driver make it the ideal choice for a family road trip. So, gather your family, pack your bags, and embark on this exciting road trip.

Let the journey from Chennai to Vellore be filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories. With the convenience and expertise of a car rental in Chennai with driver, your family road trip through Tamil Nadu promises to be an adventure of a lifetime.

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